Cartas de Leitores e Redatores

This is an experimental search interface for the annotaded version of a 200.000 word text corpus of historical Portuguese (letters to and by the editor, 19th century). Grammatical annotation was performed automatically with the PALAVRAS parser in the context of a joint research effort with a Brazilian partner (Marcelo Modolo, USP), and linguistically hand-revised for the first 4-5% of the corpus. The interface was established for internal and conference demonstration purposes only, and is not publicly accessible. Please provide a password in the appropriate entry field below.

This is the CG-version search site. Search conventions are explained in the manual (separate window). You can search the syntactic tree format in another window. When searching CG-tagged text, use double quotes for word forms, single quotes for base forms. Tags are separated by blank space, words by underscore. Use '_._' for dummy words, '_.?_' for one optional dummy word, '_.*_' for one or more optional dummy words, and '_.+_' for one or more obligatory dummy words. Sentence start is ">>>" (in word form quotes). For notational details, have a look at the CG-tags used for Portuguese NLP at the VISL project site.
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The search system used here was designed by Eckhard Bick for VISL and is also used at VISL's main corpus site. More information on the project as well as live grammatical analysis and a number of grammar teaching tools are available at the VISL main site.

Corpus reference: Barbosa, Afrânio & Lopes, Célia (eds), Críticas, queixumes e bajulações na Imprensa Brasileira do séc. XIX: cartas de leitores e cartas de redatores; Rio de Janeiro: UFRJ, 2002, and Projeto para a História do Português Brasileiro