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bnc, the British National Corpus (ca. 100.000.000 words, mixed corpus)
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When searching tagged text, use double quotes for word forms, single quotes for base forms (not given for Danish). Tags are separated by blank space, words by underscore. Use '_._' for dummy words, '_.?_' for one optional dummy word, '_.*_' for one or more optional dummy words, and '_.+_' for one or more obligatory dummy words. Sentence start is '- - -' in untagged corpora, ">>>" (in word form quotes) for tagged corpora. For notational details, have a look at the CG-tags used for Danish or Portuguese at the VISL project site.
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Corpus sources and copyright
The search system was designed by Eckhard Bick for VISL. More information on the project as well as live grammatical analysis and a number of grammar teaching tools are available at the VISL main site.