The Kilian Film Quiz

This is a little Kilian-style movie quiz, to test your knowledge about films, instructors, actors and their roles. One game consists of 20 rounds, and at the end of the game you can enter Kilian's hall of fame with your highscore. "Open text" answers count more than multiple choice answers, and director questions in "normal level" count more than "actors only". To begin with, we recommend you change the default and restrict the film subset to "major" (= most well-known), together with "actors only" (easy level). If played as a 2-player-contest, Filmquiz will alternately provide questions for players A (blue) and B (yellow), and keep track of their scores. In some question types, actor pictures are used on a random basis. Have fun! And if it seems too hard, ask Kilian, he's seen them all ...

Choose your answer style: Open quiz Multiple choice quiz
Choose game type: 1 player 2 players
Choose topic level: normal (with directors) easy (only actors)
Choose film subset: normal (all films) restricted (only major films)