Arboretum: A syntactic tree corpus of Danish

This search interface was designed to integrate the authenticity of running text search with the flexibility and notational power of the VISL annotation scheme for syntactic trees. What you can search, is a growing proportion of sentences (about 200.000 words) quoted from the Danish mixed genre corpora Corpus90 and Corpus2000, both compiled by DSL and grammatically annotated by Eckhard Bick (VISL). The material searchable here was tagged with a multi-stage hybrid system (DanGram) containing both Constraint Grammar and Phrase Structure modules. All analyses have been subjected to manual/linguistic revision.

This window will be used to show search results - in VISL's vertical tree annotation - if "source" is chosen in the visualisation menu. The "Slant" option will open a new (java) window, allowing graphical interactive tree presentation and manipulation. You can choose between 4 different levels of tag complexity: extended (all information), default (no group- or clause subdistinctions), lite (no proper nouns, simplification of adverbial function) and ultralite (only major functions and word classes). If you would like to experiment with live analyses, you can do so at the VISL project site, which features taggers/parsers for running text in a number of languages.